The Importance of Partnering with a Dentist Who Cares

by | Feb 18, 2020 | Dental Advice

Are you trying to choose a dentist? What should you be looking for and how do you know when you’ve found the right one?

Going to the dentist is an investment in your health and the appearance of your smile, which is an important aspect of your overall well-being. You deserve a dentist who truly cares about you and your health. 

At Union Dental Center, we believe every person deserves a healthy, beautiful smile. Here’s our take on how to choose a great, caring dentist, our approach to dental care, and why going to the dentist doesn’t have to be stressful!

Why choosing the right dentist matters

A dentist who cares will see you as a person, and not just another set of teeth! Here’s why it’s so important to choose a dentist you feel comfortable with:

Consistent visits

Unfortunately, bad past experiences often lead people to avoid the dentist. In fact, many people put off going to the dentist for so long that they continue to stay away because they’re worried they’ll be judged for the condition of their teeth. The truth is, taking steps to improve your health is always a positive thing, no matter how long it’s been since your last visit. You should never feel judged at the dentist.

Given that over 80% of Americans have dental anxiety, it’s very common to be nervous about making an appointment, but going to the dentist doesn’t have to be a negative experience. A caring dentist will create a relaxing, welcoming, and judgement-free environment where you can feel good about sticking to your regular appointments and treatment.

Trust and communication

The right dentist will understand that this is about your health and your smile. It’s important that you feel comfortable voicing your thoughts, questions, and concerns. Making a treatment plan should be collaborative, and every decision should be up to you. The right dentist will want to understand your goals and answer all your questions so they can give you the personalized care you need.

Better results

You get the best results when you work with a dentist who is truly invested in your health, happiness, and comfort. You’ll leave each appointment feeling relaxed and empowered with the knowledge and support you need to achieve your health goals.

What to look for

Choosing the right dentist is an individual decision, but you should never have to feel stuck with a situation that isn’t working for you. Here are some signs you’ve found a great dentist who genuinely cares:

Personalized and high-tech dental care

High-tech, minimally invasive tools and treatments are better for patients because they’re more effective, more comfortable, and less stressful. This approach allows us to offer an incredibly high level of care with a gentle touch. Getting amazing results has never been so quick, easy, and relaxing — it’s worth looking for a dentist who understands and uses technologically advanced treatments.

A comfortable office

Has your dentist taken steps to make their office as pleasant and comfortable as possible? There’s no reason that a dentist’s office needs to feel like a scary medical facility. Dentists who care about their patients’ comfort often invest in amenities like:

  • Hot towels
  • Noise-canceling headphones
  • Chairs with massage features
  • TVs and iPads

A welcoming staff

Ideally, the entire dental office will have a kind, friendly atmosphere. Whether you’re checking in with the front desk or talking to your dentist about treatment options, it’s always a good sign when you have plenty of time to talk, learn about your options, and ask questions.

Positive reviews from current patients

If you’re considering a new dentist, doing a little research is always helpful. Check for reviews on Google and other websites to see what current patients are saying. 

No judgement

A good, caring dentist should never lecture you or make you feel bad about waiting a long time to come in. Even if you’ve avoided the dentist for years (or even if you’ve never seen a dentist before) our job is to help you get your healthiest, most beautiful smile starting now.

Has it been a while since your last appointment?

Maybe you’re due for a cleaning, or maybe you have a specific issue that’s been bothering you. If you haven’t been to the dentist for a long time, that’s OK. We’re here to help, and we want to work with you to deal with whatever roadblocks have been preventing you from getting the treatment you need. 

If the cost of treatment has been holding you back, you should know that we offer financing plans and accept insurance from most major providers. We also have years of experience helping people to overcome dental anxiety by starting slowly and using gentle, non-invasive techniques. Whatever your situation, let us know, and we’ll do everything we can to help.

Our team is here to help you reach your health goals

At Union Dental Center, we believe that providing the best possible care means treating each person with compassion and respect. We’re focused on creating a friendly, stress-free environment where we listen to our patients. You’re always informed and in control of every decision you make about your dental health. 

Plus, thanks to amazing recent advances in dental technology, getting the healthiest, most beautiful smile you’ve ever had might be easier than you think! Many patients who used to dread dental visits say they actually enjoy their appointments with us.

Read more about our philosophy and approach to dental care to help you decide if we’re the right fit for you. Or schedule an appointment today if you’re ready. We’re always welcoming new patients and we’d love to meet you!

 Dr. H. Brett Friedman

Dr. H. Brett Friedman

Dr. Friedman earned his Doctorate of Dental Surgery from the University of Maryland, Baltimore College of Dental Surgery in 1996. For over 20 years, Dr. Friedman has been creating the smiles of his patients’ dreams. He believes that nothing should stand between you and a healthier smile.