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At Union Dental Center, your oral health is our top priority. Our dental risk factor evaluation is a comprehensive approach to assessing and addressing potential oral health risks, ensuring you maintain a healthy and beautiful smile for life.

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Why is dental risk factor evaluation important?

Understanding the factors impacting oral health is crucial for preventive care. At Union Dental Center, we go beyond routine check-ups by considering a range of factors that may contribute to dental issues and impact your overall well-being.

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Our approach

Cutting-Edge Technology:

We use high-tech equipment, including digital x-rays and advanced computer software, to detect and diagnose dental problems at their earliest stages. This enables us to provide precise and efficient evaluations.

Holistic Assessment:

Our experienced dentists focus on more than just dental factors. We also assess broader health indicators, particularly risk factors associated with conditions such as diabetes, heart disease, and stroke. This holistic approach allows us to tailor our care to your unique needs.

Patient Education:

Knowledge is empowering. Throughout the evaluation, we take the time to educate you about potential risk factors, preventive measures, and the importance of maintaining good oral health. We believe informed patients make healthier choices.

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What to expect at a risk factor evaluation

  1. Comprehensive examination: Our skilled dentists will conduct a thorough examination, looking for signs of dental issues and assessing risk factors.
  2. High-tech diagnostics: Benefit from advanced diagnostic tools to ensure a precise and detailed evaluation.
  3. Personalized recommendations: Receive personalized recommendations for maintaining and improving your oral health, including preventive measures and treatment options.
  4. Additional tests if abnormalities are detected

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